Bolton le sands weather

Based on the North East shore of Morecambe Bay with uninterrupted view across from Shap Fell in the north to Morecambe and beyond to the south, this site is well exposed to most weather, especially from the sea.

Established in 1992 using traditional instruments in a Stevenson Screen these have since been supplemented by an Oregon WMR928 electronic weather station. This is corrected by reference to the standard thermometers and rain gauge. Traditional instruments are still the backbone of this station.

Recent additions include a Bradford Rain Gauge, a Kipp and Zonen Solarimeter and Met Office pattern sheathed thermometers for screen and concrete minimum. Grass minimum, cup generator anemometer and cup counter anemometer have now been added.

A view of the instruments in use.

The electronic gauge is adapted to take a standard Snowden gauge funnel. Corrections are made within Weather Cat Software.